Do Not Confuse the Essay Types and Write Them Appropriately

Essay Types
We have been writing essays throughout our academic life, however like everything else, once you enter the higher classes essays become detailed as well. Most of the times teachers do not take the time and explain the types of essays that are now part of your essay writing. Yes you know that all essays have an intro and conclusion but there are other types and details involved now and you don’t know anything about them. Well read the following provided by us, a top essay writing services provider and let us help you identify some of the types.

Basic Essay: This is the essay you have been writing most of your life. It’s a simple essay that has a to the point intro, that has the opening statement, and the thesis statement. A to the point conclusion that includes summarizing statements, and a final conclusive thought. And a body in between that explains it all within one or two topics, and that’s all there is to it.

Descriptive Essay: This essay follows the same pattern as a basic essay, however it is much more descriptive about the subject matter in what it intends to provide to the reader. Generally it is not written in a format that’s supposed to either convince the readers of its topic by providing facts and figures it is usually creative writing that is supposed to engage its reader’s senses, with specific and descriptive language for the topic at hand.

Narrative Essay: In a narrative essay writing, you tell a story, and like in every story, there are characters, a story line, and of course a moral. You can say it’s a story being told but with a reason behind it. The reason or the purpose behind the story is, most of the times, told in the beginning, and it may or may not use dialogue as well. As with the descriptive essay, a narrative essay may also include descriptive language to engage the reader’s senses and involve them in the essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay: This is a more advanced type of essay that we will explain without getting in to alt of detail about it. It basically consists of either comparison, or contrast of a single topic that’s at hand, and the purpose of this essay is to reach to and prove a point. Difference between an essay being either comparison or contrast is that a comparison may include both, differences and similarities, whereas a contrast may only include differences. The thesis introduction introduces the subjects and explains if they will be contrasted or compared. The body does the comparison and the conclusion brings a sharp focus on the point that was supposed to be made. Like we said earlier, this is a very complicated essay type with equally complicated requirements. So an easy way to handle this will be to hire some essay writing services that have writers on their panel that are experts in this field. They can be of help and spare you the burden.

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