Common Mistakes That You Do in Proofreading Your Dissertation

The name of carefully reading the dissertation in order to remove all the typography and other grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes is known as the proofreading. The benefits of proofreading a dissertation are that it will provide an objective, it will check on word usage, it will check the clarity and consistency of the dissertation, it will smooth out differences in style, and it will also provide a chance to check the value of the dissertation. All of these benefits are achieved only if you have done the proofreading delicately. On the other hand, if you have not done the proofreading in an effective way, then you can’t achieve these benefits. Here, we will provide some common mistakes that you a lot of students do while proofreading the dissertation.
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1) Not reducing familiarity with the content

While proofreading, some students think that they are familiarized with the content. Due to this thinking, they will take the process of proofreading easy and in this way, the probability of occurring the mistakes will be increased. Therefore, when you are going to proofread the content, then you should try to show unfamiliarity with the content. Due to this unfamiliarity, you will be able to proofread the content with full devotion and attention and it will be easy for you to remove the mistakes from the content.

2) Trusting the spell checker

While composing the dissertation in the MS Word, some students trust on the Spell Checker to remove all the mistakes of spellings. A Spell Checker software can only remove the mistakes of those words whose spellings are incorrect and this software doesn’t highlight those words which are used incorrectly. Therefore, along with the Spell Checker, you should also try to read it carefully in order to remove all the mistakes.

3) Assuming certain words are correct

There are a lot of words that are used incorrectly in the different sentences. Some students use ‘Your’ instead of the ‘You’re’, some students use ‘Its’ instead of ‘It’s’ and some students use ‘I’ instead of ‘Me’. The happening of these kinds of mistakes while making the first draft of the dissertation is a common thing. These kinds of mistakes can be easily removed while proofreading process, but there are some students who think that these certain words are correct and they don’t pay enough attention to these words and these kinds of mistakes can become the cause of lower grades.

4) Not reading the content aloud

Sometimes, there is a possibility that we are not able to understand the sense of some sentences properly. Therefore, while proofreading, we should try to print it out and read the content aloud. When we read the content aloud, then we will be better able to understand the sense of the sentences. It is also a common mistake among the students that they don’t read it aloud while proofreading.

These are some mistakes that a lot of students do while proofreading the dissertation. For better results, they should try to get help from the expert writers of the dissertation proofreading services for the proofreading and editing of the dissertation.

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