Climate Change, Sustainability, and Public Health

What is climate change?

The change that occurs in the different patterns of a region is known as the climate change. The other name of the climate change is the global warming. The main effect of the global warming or the climate change is that the temperature of the earth is increased due to this effect. There are several causes of the climate change, but the most important causes of the global warming are the burning of the fossil fuels and the emitting of the CO in the earth’s atmosphere. There are several effects of the climate change. Some of them are given below;
1) Due to the climate change, the temperature of the Earth rises and due to this rise in temperature, different kinds of the glaciers are melting.

2) Due to the melting of the glaciers, the sea level is rising and this thing is becoming the cause of increasing the risks of floods in the different regions.

3) Due to the adverse changes in the climate, there are a lot of extinction threats to the different kinds of the ecosystems.

4) As we know that air pollution is known as a silent killer and due to the different changes that are occurring in the climate, the air pollution is also increasing.

5) It is also affecting the quality of the fresh water.

What is sustainability?

The sustainability is a very broad discipline that allows the students to understand the different aspects of the human life like business, the use of technology, and different kinds of the environmental issues. If we talk about the basic definition of the sustainability, then we come to know that the study of the different kinds of the natural functions in order to produce everything that is helpful to keep a balance in an ecology system is known as sustainability. There are three basic pillars of the sustainability. The first pillar is known as the economic development, the second pillar is known as social development, and the last pillar is the environmental protection. The basic goals of the sustainability are given below;

1) The first goal of the sustainability is to get rid of the hunger issues from all around the world.

2) The second goal of sustainability is to provide the best healthcare facilities to the humans.

3) The third goal is the sustainability is to increase the literacy level in the world.

4) To achieve the best gender equalities is also an important goal of achieving the sustainability.

What is the public health?

The Science that relates to the improvement and protection of the different people is known as the public health. The basic aim of the public health is to promote the healthy lifestyle among the students. There are many kinds of the disciplines are involved in the public health like Biology, Education, Medicine, and so on. The basic aims of the public health are given below;

1) To identify the different health problems among the members of the society

2) To find out the most important ways to diagnose these diseases

3) Another important benefit of the public health care is to enforce the different laws in the society

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