An essay about Culture Deprivation

Culture deprivation is a theory in sociology. Culture deprivation means involvement of different people in values, norms, education, and speech pattern. In anthropology, culture means a pattern of human behavior, method of living, education, and dress style. If different people become the victim of different cultures, that will call the culture deprivation. Culture deprivation holds some groups and social class. Culture deprivation theory states the situation of working-class people.
Working class parents have a lack of interest in the education of their children. The lack of interest will be the reason for deprivation from their culture. In this theory, we are a concern with the working class people and their deprivation from their culture.
The upper class and working class parents do not take interest in the education of their children. This culture deprivation leads children in a low experience in their norms. The middle-class parents take interest in the education of their children. This culture difference will put the middle-class children at an advantage over the working class children. These children would have a stable living environment to get their schoolwork and homework. Their parents will help them in all their school activities. The culture deprivation will influence the education system. The lower class children suffer from culture deprivation because their parents do not know the good school for education.
Culture deprivation is the use of different languages in a society. Another issue with culture deprivation is the employ of speech in the family environment in which they live in. Different people of working-class use restricted code. This inequality and gap is the cultural deprivation. The people who are living in a society use the dialect in their language. The variations of language in a society are the dialect.
The culture deprivation claims the middle class gains cultural capital of the primary socialization. The high class does not gain the primary socialization because they are away from culture. Culture capital makes the middle class successful because of their norms facilities educational achievements. Working class members of society do not pass their children because of the lack of cultural capital. Middle-class children have the capability to communicate more effectively than working-class children do.
The material deprivation and the cultural capital both can affect the child’s educational achievements. In the material deprivation, low-class parents gain low salaries. They have to face many issues relates their financial. The lack of money can affect their many works in society. The working class children attend high-class school and achieve good grades. If the lower class people do not have money, this could mean they struggle to buy clothes and the equipment they need for school. The culture deprivation is the difference in wealth and power. In the Culture deprivation, culture capital is about having the knowledge and understanding you need in order to learn and achieve in the future. Culture deprivation is the key issue of both materialistic deprivation and culture capital.
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