Tips On Writing Paragraphs And Transitions In An Essay

An essay is a long and formal piece of writing. A well-written essay can improve your grades. Transitions are words, phrases, or sentences that connect elements of your essay to one another. Transitions can connect one sentence to a different, one paragraph to a different, or one section of the essay to a different.  Here are some tips that you should follow in order to write a perfect essay.

What is a transition?
 The transition between the paragraphs is a strong point that can increase your grades.  You should write all the paragraphs that are inter-linked and enter- mingled. Primarily, transitions show the relationships of your sentences and paragraphs to one another and to your overall argument. Writing effective transitions will make your argument easier to follow and improve the flow of your essay. A typical essay needs three styles of transitions: transitions between sentences, transitions between paragraphs, and transitions between sections. In this article, we are discussing the transition between the paragraphs.
Writing transitions between paragraphs
Use transitions to point out relationships between your sentences. One sentence might build an extra purpose, provide an example or proof, or discuss an exception to a previous sentence. Transitions have two kinds.
1.    Poor Transition: Most students are using poor transition in the paragraphs. Some students are tempted to plagiarise, because, they run out of time on an assignment.  Experience management skills can offer students lots of time to complete assignments.
2.    Better Transition:  Most students are using better transition in the essay, because, they focus on the main point. You should use the temptation in the second paragraphs. With a better transition, you can improve your grades.
Transition words
Transition words are most important in the essay. They play an important role to connect your essay. Here are some transition words that you should use in your essay.
Ø  First
Ø  In addition
Ø  In contrast
Ø  Next
Ø  Then
Ø  However
Ø  Obviously
Ø  Therefore
Ø  Consequently
Ø  In conclusion
Ø  For example

Transition between paragraphs
Use transitions to point out relationships between paragraphs. No matter, how well-constructed every paragraph may be in the essay.  Every paragraph must be logically connected to create your essay coherently. Connect your paragraphs with sentences that embody key concepts from each paragraph and show the relationship between the paragraphs.
The organization of your essay can boost paragraph transition. You should think about the supporting ideas in the body paragraph. It is a very beneficial tip that you should use in writing an essay. You should consider ideas that are related to your essay. After the organization in your essay, you can improve paragraph transition by discussing the relationship between ideas.
Final thoughts
Last paragraphs are most important in the essay. In the last paragraph, you should use final thoughts. You can highlight all the main points in the last paragraphs. You should write an effective conclusion. It is a most important tip to write an effective essay.
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