A Narrative Essay On "Most Dreadful Experience Of My Life”

Narrative Essay
A narrative essay refers to the story that tells experiences and events. In this narrative essay, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss the most dreadful experience of life.

My first job is the most dreadful experience of my life. It is very common that the first job is a very challenging task for everyone. The first job is always special because it gives us new experiences and teaches us the value of money. When I was about seventeen years old, I wanted to buy my favourite shirt. However, I did not have money. Actually, I belong to a poor family and my parents were unable to fulfil all my desires. Therefore, I searched for a job in my city. I get a job at my neighbour's house. Mr. Johnson was an old man. He was a very good man because he never looks down upon to the poor people. Mr Johnson offered me work in the garden. He did not converse the amount of money.

He gave me work to give the water to the plants and pull out the weeds. I was not a hard worker boy at home. Pulling out the weeds was not easy to work for me, but, I did not lose heart. Pulling out weeds is the most dreadful experience of my life. After giving the water to the plants and got down on my knees in order to draw out weeds from the yard. After completing my little task I was very happy. After 1 hour Mr Johnson came and said to me “I will give you $6 an hour”. After working for 2 hours, I earned $12. I was very, because, I was going to buy, my favourites shirt.

I went to the market and saw my money was lost. After handwork, money lost was most dreadful experience of my life. However, in this situation, I did not lose heart. Actually, I have a strong belief in the strength of God. I have believed that hard work never goes waste. I was too much worried because my hard work was over. However, I did work 3 months in the house of Mr Johnson. Buying my favourite shirt was not an easy task for me, but I brought it with my hard work. It was my first job in a life that teaches me many lessons about truth and struggle.

After many days of working in the garden of Mr Johnson and buying my favourites shirt, I came to the decision that I should save money for the future. Consequently, I joined the job in the Johnson house. Working in the garden was unnatural labor for me. I realized that I was wasting my time in social activities. So, I decided to work in the garden of Mr Johnson in order to save money and help my parents. However, the first job pulls out the weeds from the roots is the very difficult and most dreadful experience of my life. Later, I have earned a lot of experience of working in the garden. My parents were happy with my struggle and efforts.

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