Hilton Hotel HR Practices And Employee Turnover Rate

The Hilton Hotel is the most recognized name in the field of tourism. When tourists travel from one country to another country, then they say that ‘Take me to the Hilton’. Its reason is that they have an innovative approach to all the products and services that are necessary for a traveller. That’s why we can say that the synonym of Hilton is ‘The hotels across the globe’. Their hotels are well-known among travellers because these hotels are stylish and they are providing forward hospitality facilities to their customers. If you don’t have enough idea about HR practices and employee turnover rate, then you can get help from experts in Ph.D dissertation writing services. A complete detail about the Hilton hotel HR practices and employee turnover rate is given below;

HR practices of Hilton hotel 

HR stands for human resource. If we talk about the HR practices of the Hilton hotel, then, first of all, we will have to take an overview of the values and vision of the Hilton hotel. In their values and vision, there come a lot of things like they are passionate to provide the best hospitality to their customers, they are trying to provide the right things to their customers, they are the leaders of their industry, they are the team players of each and everything in their hotel, they are owners of their actions and their decisions, and they are operating the actions and decisions with a sense of urgency. They know that their most valuable assets are their clients. In order to assist them, they have managers, HQ team and employees. For the good of their employees and clients, they have devised a code of ethics. In the code of ethics, there come care, integrity, justice, responsibility, and ethics. If you want to become a good candidate at Hilton, then you will have to acquire opportunity, growth, skills, values and culture. In order to maintain such kind of HR practices, they are providing training to their employees. With the help of this training, they are able to identify the gap between the actual performance and the performance that is expected by their management team. This training is also helpful for employees to specify the needs of their inherent needs. 

Employee turnover rate at Hilton hotel 

In the business, it is a common observation that if an employee doesn’t perform well, then he/she is replaced with another employee. This thing is known as employee turnover rate. The American Hotel and Motel Association has conducted research about the employee turnover rate. According to their research, the employee turnover rate of the non-management hotel is 50%. On the other hand, the employee turnover rate of the management hotels is 25%. As we know that the Hilton hotel is a kind of management hotel. Therefore, we can say that the turnover rate at the Hilton hotel is about 25%. Anyhow, there is a possibility that there will be a little bit rise and fall in these hotels in different countries. 

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