How You Can Impress Your Dissertation Supervisor

How to Impress Dissertation Supervisor
Writing a dissertation without the help and guidance of a supervisor is similar to the driving on a road with the dead end. To complete your dissertation effectively within times requires you to understand your supervisor. 

Improve Communication With Supervisor:
Do practice to gain professional communication skills. As suggested by a dissertation writing service, before visiting your professor in his cabin, it is better to send him an email on his official email address and take an appointment for discussion. When he confirms you time for meeting, prepare a clear agenda for meeting according to time. Always write the points you want to discuss with your supervisor, so nothing missed during meeting. Another best option is also to write about the points of discussion in appointment mail so that your supervisor already prepares for those questions or he better know that meeting is not much necessary for these questions and answer your problems through email. 

This may save your time to move up with your work instead of waiting for meeting. When you visit him after appoint you both will have enough time for discussion in a relaxing mood as compared to meetings without an appointment. Maybe at the time of your visit, he is busy with something more important and may not guide you properly. Discuss only work related issues and respect others opinion. Simplify your thoughts and ideas. Always start your discussion on with a positive note. Listen to your supervisor comments with an open mind. It is very important to understand that working with a supervisor is a two way relationship. Don’t think a supervisor will treat you similar like a teacher of preschool. He will not tell you what to do; how to do; and when to do. He will simply tell you first step and you will have to take the next two steps by yourself. 

Choosing The Right Supervisor:
If you are a kind of a researcher who is always in search of guidance then a professor who likes to involve in students best suits you. Do not go for a supervisor who is already very much occupied and busy. He may not get enough time for personal attention to you. Choose a hands-off supervisor if you are a liberated or an independent researcher.

What Your Supervisors Expect From You?
Every supervisor expects his researcher to be energetic, attentive, passionate about his work and independent in doing his or her work. He expects his students to be punctual on meetings and submit work before deadlines. He wants you to be punctual on meetings and submit your work before deadlines. You should be well prepared for the discussion session 

Follow Instruction:
Teachers always admire those students who listen to and act on their advice. But that doesn’t mean you need to follow them blindly. You must give your suggestions and ideas in a respectful manner. When you listen to your supervisor carefully he will also listen to your problems in the same manner. 

What To Do When Things Are Not On Your Side?
Most of the times you don’t get agree with your supervisor suggestions or ideas. Some other times you think your supervisor is not getting your idea or problem and vice versa. In such a situation, don’t get panic always remember supervisors have academic experience of many years, they always see things from a different and more professional perspective. You may not be able to convey your thoughts more effectively or not able to understand his suggestions effectively. Listen carefully to whatever your supervisor suggests, don’t interrupt him in the middle, note down his advice and suggestion. 

Do research on them and compare them with your ideas. You will come to understand he is not 100 % wrong.  If your problem is the supervisor himself, you need to solve it more carefully. You need to openly discuss the problem with him. For instance, if your problem is that the supervisor is not giving you more time, discuss with him in a respectful manner and request him to give you some extra time. If you think your supervisor is not helping one, then try to discuss the problems in some another way. For example, if your supervisor rejects your literature review many times without pointing out mistakes, ask him to share a sample literature review which he thinks is best and compare your work with it. 

Keep Your Emotions Away:
Supervisors always criticize your work. Don’t take this criticism personally. Try to understand that criticism is always there to improve your work. By involving personal feelings in work you create conflicts. 

Don’t Repeat The Same Mistake:
Before presenting your new work to your supervisor always check for the mistakes which he points out last time. When you keep repeating the same mistakes it will irritate your supervisor. It is better to be one step forward from your supervisor to better understand him and work in an effective way with a friendly relationship. At the successful completion of dissertation Thanks your supervisor with a thanking email or letter or leave a Thank You card. This will add value student-teacher relation.

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